Jeanne Tiberio grew up in Beverly Massachusetts, where she discovered her love of cooking while helping her mother in the kitchen. During her college years, one of her nutrition professors lectured on the benefits of lower meat consumption for both health and environmental reasons. She was moved by this and pursued specialties in food science and nutrition.

Jeanne has a BS degree from the University of New Hampshire in Nutritional Biochemistry and an MS degree from Cornell in Food Science/Nutrition.

Jeanne has worked in the areas of food microbiology eating disorders, cardiac nutrition, and preventative nutrition counseling. She self-published a diet manual for new vegetarians.

Jeanne was diagnosed with Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, in 1982. She continued to write using dictation software.

She became a Registered Dietitian in 1986, working in both inpatient and outpatient settings.. 

Her cookbook , “Vegetarian Homestyle Cooking”, was published by Appletree Press in 1998.
Her android app, called “The Flower Oracle”, created in 2012, is available in the Amazon app-store.
Her e-book entitled “Green on the Inside”, is available through the kindle store.

She has a weekly podcast called “Healing outside the box”, available on ITunes, Google play music, and I heart radio..

Jeanne is working on her second e-book called “Vegetarian Homestyle Cooking, Volume II”, Everyday recipes for the not so everyday vegetarian.

Jeanne is now a certified wellness coach in private practice. She resides in Salem, Massachusetts.